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MPC Wheels Track Assault Inline Skating Wheels

MPC Track Assault Inline Speed Skating Wheels

MPC engineers looked to design a wheel to fit the needs of skaters looking for something different and came up with a formula packed full of innovations. Track Assault is a wheel that has a smaller hub than Black Magic (69.5mm vs. 72mm) with less fiber glass and a slightly different material in its black inner ring. More urethane was used in order to offset the smaller hub, and its material composition more flexible, giving it a larger footprint, which translates into more grip.  These features also result in a wheel that is more comfortable, absorbs more shock from impact to the ground, and delivers a substantial reduction in vibration.

 Track Assault reaps all of the benefits of our patented MTech® Soft Heart, Hard Body™ Technology, which combines a soft inner ring with harder outer urethane. The ingenuous combination allows wheel flexing for grip, as well as durable wheels that last longer and roll better.