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MPC Track Assault XFirm

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MPC engineers looked to design a wheel to fit the needs of skaters looking for something different and came up with a formula packed full of innovations. Track Assault is a wheel that has a smaller hub than Black Magic (69.5mm vs. 72mm) with less fiber glass and a slightly different material in its black inner ring. More urethane was used in order to offset the smaller hub, and its material composition more flexible, giving it a larger footprint, which translates into more grip.  These features also result in a wheel that is more comfortable, absorbs more shock from impact to the ground, and delivers a substantial reduction in vibration.

 Track Assault reaps all of the benefits of our patented MTech® Soft Heart, Hard Body™ Technology, which combines a soft inner ring with harder outer urethane. The ingenuous combination allows wheel flexing for grip, as well as durable wheels that last longer and roll better. Read more about MTech®.


Choose the Track Assault wheel if you are looking for extra grip without sacrificing speed, as well as less vibration, which would zap the energy out of your legs. Track Assault is the most trusted wheel in Korea, with its bumpy banked tracks. It is also most loved by ladies in Latin America, especially on road surfaces.


  • Size Options: 90mm, 100mm, 110mm
  • Firmness Options: FIRM (82 to 84A), X-FIRM (84 to 86A), XX-FIRM (86 to 88A)
  • Hub: Orange Turbo, T69.5mm
  • Urethane Color: Natural Urethane
  • MTech®: Black Inner Ring 63A
  • Uses: Track, Road, Marathon