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MPC Storm Surge XGrip

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  • Our wheels use MPC's patented MTech® Soft Heart, Hard Body™ Technology, which combines a soft inner ring with harder outer urethane. This ingenuous combination allows wheel flexing for grip, as well as durable wheels that last longer and roll better. Read more about MTech®.

    These features make the most responsive wheel ever made by MPC, giving the skater more confidence in corners and technical courses. Our efficient MTech® technology combined with the weight of the wheel also helps maintain speed – once you get them moving, they roll better and conserve energy for the skater.

    MPC Inline Skate Wheels: MPC's patented multi-layer wheel technology, called Mtech®, features what we call a “Soft Heart, Hard Body.” MPC's MTech® wheels are comprised of two layers: a soft highly resilient (not unlike a super-ball) inner layer that acts as a pneumatic tire and a durable outer layer of long wearing, surface-hugging urethane. The result is wheels with the largest footprint (ultimate grip), highest rebound (fastest) and firmest outer tread (best wear) available.

    MPC’s core technology is thermoset castable polyurethane—the material of choice in numerous applications because of its strong physical characteristics.

    Urethane. The material of choice: Urethane has become the material of choice in so many of today's performance-driven applications because it exhibits extraordinary physical and mechanical properties that other materials simply can't match. In addition to being particularly resistant to abrasion, cutting, and tearing, urethane also demonstrates tremendous flexibility. Polyurethanes come in a wide range of durometers and densities too, which means that finished components can be soft as a gum eraser or hard as a bowling ball. And, compared to alternative materials like neoprene, rubber, plastic, metal, and silicone, polyurethane components consistently exhibit longer part life which translates into fewer replacements, reduced labor costs, and less equipment downtime.