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MPC Aero Racing Gloves White

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Our Classic Skating Aero Gloves are designed to give you an aero advantage while providing a super comfortable fit.  To ensure a precision we use a soft elastic enclosure around the wrist, paired with aerodynamic fabrics and a padded palm.

Our Aero Gloves use a ribbed fabric that is often seen in time trial suits. When air hits the ribbed material (think dimples on a golf ball) it creates a small boundary of turbulence that surrounds the glove. This boundary of turbulent air creates less friction. Without the ribbing effect, the air would bounce around the glove creating a long tail of turbulence. With the ribbed effect, air hits the rib, which creates a small turbulent air boundary thus creating a smaller tail of turbulence. Think of the turbulence created by the ribs as oil on a bearing. With the oil the bearing runs smooth because the oil adds a thin layer of lube which reduces friction. Without the oil, the bearing creates more friction, thus making it slower or less efficient. The ribs create a small barrier of turbulent air that acts similar to the oil by creating less friction, and helps the glove slice through the wind.

Fit:  Snug

Features:- Aero Lycra: High wicking and fast drying, beautiful and unique.- Soft Elastic band- Syntheic leather palms- Gel inserts